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My Pregnancy Week-by-Week

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16 weeks: pregnancy & diabetes

17 weeks: reasons it rocks to be pregnant

18 weeks: boy or girl?

19 weeks: what will it bee?

20 weeks: hissy fit time

21 weeks: busy week

22 weeks: the quickening

23 weeks: I don’t recognize my feet

24 weeks: the middle name

25 weeks: I’m tiny

26 weeks: pregnancy & drugs do not mix

28 weeks: I’m hotter than all y’all ;)

29 weeks: PANTS!

30 weeks: earning my stripes

31 weeks: I’m too sexy for my PJ’s

32 weeks: a lesson in self-confidence from a fat girl

33 weeks: I never get sick

34 weeks: not that I’m counting

35 weeks: gittin’ ‘r done

36 weeks: full term and looking it

37 weeks: he mooned us!

(Joshua was born when I was 37 weeks, 6 days pregnant so there are no more pregnancy posts. Click here to continue with posts about Joshua)

Other pregnancy-related posts:

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Grandpa’s Pineapple (the story of how Grandpa helped me get pregnant after he passed away)

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Joshua’s Nursery (progress pics from before, during, and after the amazing transformation)

Professional Maternity Photos

Shrunken Brain Syndrome

Joan’s Aunt Shower

Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower

Dr. Seuss Shower #1

Dr. Seuss Shower #2

Iron Woman Ginger Cake


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