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Glimpses Into My Life

Please note that some links will take you to my weight loss blog, which I no longer update.

The latest news: The Truth
A day in my Dad’s Garden and in my kitchen
A Wedding Cake Horror Story
April Fools! My Kitchen Disastrophies in Review
Beginner’s Belly Dancing with Veronica and Family
Christmas Card Outtakes 2011
Chocolate Pudding (a short story by me)
Cleanse and Purge
Danielle’s Flying Pig
Danielle’s Ugly Christmas Sweater 30th Birthday Party
Ding Dong, The Glasses Are Dead!
Disappointment (our infertility story)
Easter 2012
Fear and Self-Sabotage
Grandpa’s Hot Pink Stolen Sun Hat
Happy Mother’s Day to YOU
Home Sweet Home
I laugh in the face of your hatred!
I refuuuuuuuuse!
Diabetes & Dieting
Life With Dennis Miller
Meet CW (Crazed Woman, i.e. my Mom)
Memorial Day 2011
My Grandma Davis and her pie crust cookies
My Itty Bitty Sweetie
My Week as a Farmer, Part I
My Week as a Farmer, Part II: When Arliss Attacks
Our Kanopolis Lake Vacation
Our Weight Loss Contract
Our Woodlands, TX Vacation
Reaching for the Stars
Soap for Soldiers
Sorry, I have to! (wedding cake bragging)
Thanksgiving 2011
The Truth
Then and Now
Tragedy Makes Us Human
Wedding Fun
Weight Watchers Walk-It 5K
What I Eat When You’re Not Looking
When Skinny Dipping Goes Wrong
Wichita River Festival 2011
You Might Be a Redneck…


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