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My Day Job

It’s not enthralling, but I mention my job from time to time, so I thought I should go into more detail for those who might be curious.

I’m a data conversion operator (DCO) for the US Postal Service.  I work at one of the only two remaining Remote Encoding Centers (RECs) in the US, in Wichita, KS.  My title as DCO basically means that I sit in a little cubicle with a computer and mail piece images pop up on my computer screen.  As they do, I am prompted for information from that mail piece, whether it be address, mail class, etc., and I type it in as quickly and accurately as possible.  The image stream is constant so there is no slacking off, though I can hardly say the job feels demanding.  Once you learn how to use the keyboard (there are different keys on it and it is used a little differently than a normal one) and the rules of how to enter the information, it doesn’t require much brain power so we are allowed to listen to music or audiobooks (with ear buds or head phones–the work room floor is to be a silent area so that we can work in peace) throughout the day.

I worked as a temp for seven years and became a full-time career employee in August of 2011, so I now have better pay and benefits!  I loved my job before, but now I have even more reason to.  I guess it would be very boring if I weren’t allowed to listen to anything while I worked, but as it is, I feel I’m being paid to entertain myself!  The job isn’t very stressful, either, so I feel very blessed to have it and hope to keep it as long as possible.  The future of our site is uncertain since eventually one of the two remaining REC’s will close so that all the mail will be processed by one REC, but for now, I count it as a blessing and know that if this door ever closes, God will open another.


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  11. It is nice to have a job you enjoy!


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