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A Sibling for Joshua

Dennis and I (Veronica) were married in 2000, and tried to start our family right away. I had wanted to be a mother nearly my entire life, ever since witnessing the miracle of my baby sister’s birth. In third grade, impatient with how long it was taking to grow up so I could get married and have a baby, I asked my mom if I could be artificially inseminated. Ironically, that’s exactly how we would conceive our first and only child in March of 2013, twenty-three long years later.

I resigned from my job after Joshua was born, so that I could stay home to raise our son. We had waited thirteen years for him, and wanted to treasure the gift of him to its fullest. It meant making sacrifices, cutting out all luxuries, but being able to stay home with the fulfilled desire of my heart, making sure he has the care he needs, is so very worth it.

Joshua has brought us so much joy, and we were eager to try again so that we could give him a sibling, so he might have what we both treasure in our own sibling relationships. Cutting our income by half, however, meant that we are living on a budget that doesn’t allow for a lot of expensive infertility treatments. We had conceived Joshua with our first intrauterine insemination (IUI), and we hoped and prayed it would be as “easy” the second time. Because we could only afford one more try, and were as desperately hopeful for baby #2 as we had been for baby #1. Possibly more, because we now knew exactly what a blessing a child can be.

Unfortunately, that “one last try” did not take and there was no baby, no sibling for Joshua. Since starting our family had been delayed much longer than we anticipated, we have not only exhausted our resources, but our time. We desperately want another child, for ourselves, and especially for our son, who loves playing with other children, loves little babies, and cuddling baby dolls. We have tried to make peace with our situation and have not been able to give up the desire for a sibling for Joshua. He might never long for a sibling, but if he does, I don’t know how I can tell him he can’t have a brother or sister without first doing everything we can to give him one. And we haven’t done all we can do.

We have exhausted our own resources, and though we resisted the idea of fundraising when presented to us, we were approached with the idea from so many different sources that we finally had to stop and wonder if this is what we were supposed to do. After careful consideration and prayer, we agreed to move forward with fundraising, feeling God’s hand leading us this direction, and excited it might allow us another try.

We appreciate your support, and most importantly, your prayers. For a sibling for Joshua, but mostly for peace with whatever outcome God’s will is for our family. We thank you so much.



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  1. Veronica, you are like a daughter to me and Joshua is my little sweetie pie..You and Dennis are very lucky to have found each other. I wish you three the best.



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