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40 By 40

My “bucket list” of 40 recipes I want to make before I turn 40

1. Cake Roll – any kind – just roll a cake!
2. Fried Chicken
3. Chocolate Pudding from scratch
4. Crepes
5. Croissants
6. Biscotti
7. Pho
8. Chicken Pot Pie
9. Shepherd’s Pie
10. Baklava
11. Chocolate Eclairs
12. Boston Cream Pie
13. Salisbury Steak
14. Lamingtons
15. Macarons
16. Tamales
17. Chicken and Dumplings
18. Rice pudding
19. Sesame Balls
20. Korean Egg Toast
21. Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls
22. Light and Fluffy Whole Wheat Bread
23. Chicken Piccata
24. Kick Butt Ribs
25. Risotto – any kind
26. Chicken Vindaloo
27. Bahn Mi Sandwich
28. Really good sugar free cake or cupcakes
29. Really good bread pudding
30. Pecan Pie
31. Gnocchi
32. Baked Ziti
33. Mom’s awesome crockpot glazed chicken
34. Kimchi
35. Naan
36. Hollandaise sauce
37. Potato Candy
38. Petit Fours that don’t suck
39. Really good tiramisu
40. Stuffing from scratch


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  2. Loving your 40 by 40! I have a food/recipe bucket list but it’s not a 30 by 30 because that only gives me 2 years and well, that just aint happenin lol. Plus I have more than 30 things on my list!! I may have to “borrow” some of your ideas!!


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  5. I’ve done 17/40 of these.;)


  6. I came here looking for a tiramisu recipe! My MiL
    Wants it for her bday. Do you remember the recipe you used? I am shocked at some of the things you haven’t made!



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