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October: I will be awarding a dozen of my blue ribbon chocolate chip cookies to three participants this month, and an entire batch to the participant with the most mail sent at the end of the month!  I will be drawing each Friday at midnight from those that have any number (other than “0”) in the “# completed” column.  Make sure you return to the spreadsheet each Friday by midnight to report how many pieces of mail you sent so that you can be eligible for the drawing! On the 28th, I will draw a name from that week’s participants, and also will determine who sent the most mail overall through the month to award an entire batch of cookies, so be sure to report the mail you sent even in previous weeks if you forgot to before the weekly drawings.  You will still have a chance to win the big prize!

Winners to date: Jenna Satterthwaite, Suzie Shaw, Doris Henson, Wilma Hardesty-Jerrell

*October prizes are now awarded and we will be doing something different for November.

November: I’m hosting a cookie swap (I’m all about he cookies!) and each participant will be mailing cookies to three other participants.  Click here to find out more!

December: The cookie swap is completed, in which 162 dozen cookies were shipped worldwide!  There will be no prizes for this month, but check back in January.


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