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I’ve not kept it a secret that we’re struggling with infertility.  Here are all the posts where I talk about or mention this journey.


Thankful Thursday #57: My itty bitty sweetie

Thankful Thursday #79: I don’t have cancer!

Thankful Thursday #81:YOU

A Thumbful Thursday?

Thankful Thursday #97: a fresh start

Thankful Thursdays #101: God’s Grace


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  2. Thank you for posting this. I am looking forward to catching up on your journey. I can relate so much to you. I struggled with fertility issues for years. It was a hard road filled with doubt and self-loathing. All we wanted was a baby and we tried for years to have one. I tried every medical and old wives tale I could think of to try and get pregnant. I even slept on red sheets to promote fertility. It was starting to get crazy and I was overwhelmed. My husband found out about California Fertility Partners through a good friend. I was skeptical because I thought we had tried everything but I was wrong. We worked with Dr. Guy Ringler My first IVF transfer at the clinic is coming up and Dr. Ringler has made us feel so confident about the process. We are crossing our fingers that it will be successful!



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