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Father’s Day

American Potato Salad
Baked Potato Salad
Balsamic Vinegar & Garlic Glazed Flat Iron Steak
Banana Pepper Roast
Barbecue Beef Sandwiches
Basic Crockpot Beef Roast
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin
Chicken in Basil Cream
Chicken Kiev with Garlic Rosemary Potatoes & Walnut Apple Salad
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Dilly Cucumber Salad
Easy Parmesan Garlic Chicken
Easy Pickled Beets
Easy Salisbury Steaks with Onion Gravy
Five Bean Salad
Flatlander Meatloaf
Garlic Rosemary Potatoes
Garlic Salad
General Tso’s Chicken
Green Chile and Cream Cheese Burgers
Green Rice
Honey-Garlic Wings
KFC Coleslaw
Lasagna & Garlic Bread
Marissa’s Good Peas
Meaty Quesadillas
Rosemary Sage Burgers
Shrimp & Bacon Ranch Pizza
Smoky Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Spicy Red Rice
Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes
Steak au Poivre
Sunny Vegetable Salad
Ultimate Beef Stroganoff


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