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Marissa’s Good Peas

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At our Weight Watchers meeting this week, we talked about how we were going to make it through Easter and still lose weight…or just manage not to gain.

I’m planning on having the ham and indulging in a small slice of my carrot cake (recipe to come), but I’m also bringing “Marissa’s Good Peas” since they’re filling and low-cal (it has a lot of butter, but I give tips on lightening it up in the directions).  Make it with the butter if you don’t care, but either way, they’re a good addition to your Easter spread.

Marissa’s Good Peas
(so named after she gave the recipe to her mother-in-law, who gave it to me)

1 bag frozen peas
1 can water chestnuts
1 can sliced mushrooms
1 stick melted butter
1 small envelope Italian dressing mix

Combine the veggies in a microwave-safe bowl.  Mix the dressing mix with the butter and pour over the veggies; stir to incorporated.  Microwave until heated through.

*I have made this using only peas, with all three veggies, and as in the photo above–with peas & water chestnuts.  They are all good but I actually like it best with just the peas alone.  To lighten it up, use Brummel & Brown’s Natural Yogurt spread or something else that has half the calories as butter.  You really don’t need an equivalent amount–a whole stick seems like overkill to me.  I generally use a tablespoon of the spread for every cup of peas.  I don’t use a lot of the dressing mix either–just use it to your tastes.
On a completely different subject, I have now lost 10 pounds with Weight Watchers.  I have been on the program (this is my second time) for 6 weeks now.  :)


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