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Joan’s Aunt Shower

This technically wasn’t a shower for me, but the gifts were for Joshua, so I’m counting it as my first shower.  This is something my sister-in-law, Joan’s, wonderful friends came up with.

Joan, Joni, Jill, Anne, Linda and Marge (mother of Joni, Jill, and Linda) in the front. Linda and her daughter, Samantha, were the hostesses.

Every year, Joan joins her the girlfriends she’s had since high school, and who are now spread across Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado, for a girls’ retreat.  They’ve been doing this for 27 years and never missed a single one.  This time it was at Linda’s home in in Colorado, and they really surprised Joan when she arrived, throwing her an Aunt Shower!

That’s a Dr. Seuss topsy-turvy diaper cake (not a real cake, but one created with baby diapers so it’s usable by the Mom) in the middle of the table!  It’s now sitting on Joshua’s dresser. :)

This was such a neat idea.  Knowing how excited Joan is to finally be an Aunt (we weren’t the only ones waiting for Joshua!),  her friends all bought gifts for her to open and then pass on to  her nephew.  Knowing our nursery theme, they did a Dr. Seuss shower for her.  Does she not have the best friends ever?  How clever and thoughtful is this?!

Joan got some awesome gifts from her friends for us.  Isn’t it amazing how someone can be blessed through another?  Who would have thought that I’d be getting gifts from friends of friends?  So crazy!

You might have seen that onesie hanging in the closet on my last Thankful Thursday – too cute!


We’ve already got these picture frames hung- they look GREAT in the room, but I have to show you another time since the walls are currently a work in progress as we are hanging things.

Joan brought the gifts home with her and they were opened a second time by Mom and Dad Miller, and of course Phyllis had to wear the hat. :)

Have you ever seen such a tiny track suit?! It even has matching pants!

We came to Abilene the night before my Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower to watch our nephew, Carson, play his last home game (he graduates this year – they grow up so fast!

Afterward, we stopped at Mom and Dad’s and Joan said “why don’t you sit down for a bit?” and I did, ready to visit a while before we had to head back to Wichita.  But oh no, instead Joan surprised us with the gifts from her Aunt shower!  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share of us opening them, but I assure you it was a delight!  Just to give you an idea, here’s one from my Abilene shower where I had to wear the Dr. Seuss hat. lol!

Please come back tomorrow to hear about my wonderful Abilene shower hosted by Den’s family!  Can you guess what the theme was?


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  1. That is nicest group of friends anyone could hope for! You are very blessed.


  2. So sweet Veronica. I am always amazed at people’s generosity and I love our tradition here in the States for equipping young people for marriage and families through these fun showers


  3. That is absolutely adorable!! How fun and sweet for her to be able to be included…I love it! Congrats to you too Aunt Joan!


  4. Such a wonderful idea for a shower! =)


  5. I have always know I have AWESOME FRIENDS! Thanks for also tooting your horn about them !!! I don’t think I could get thru a year w/o are girls weekends. Baby Joshua is loved from al corners of the earth! Cant wait to see the other shower pictures!
    Love, Auntie Joan


  6. Gorgeous shower idea my friend :D
    Your friends rock!



  7. How awesome to know there are such great folks in the world. A VERY thoughtful gesture…and HOW FUN for you guys!?? When I was pregnant for our first, the ladies of my mom’s church (3 hours away) gave her a Grandma shower with gifts for Debbie. What a thrill! Thanks for sharing more joy that Joshua is already bringing!


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  10. Wow blessed is right! Friends of your aunt buying presents for baby Joshua?!!? That’s just amazing. There are some good people out there. And all of these baby showers thrown for you just show how great of a person you must be for all these people to care about you!!



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