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Dr. Seuss Shower #2

With my hostesses, Teri and Sharon.

When we found out we were pregnant, we told our church family before anyone else because we needed their prayers and support the most while we were waiting for a safer time to announce to family and friends.  God surely has answered those prayers, bringing us this far!  Teri, our preacher’s wife and my good friend (I kind of think of her as yet another mother on my long list of mothers-lol), was the first who asked if she could throw me a baby shower.  Sharon, another sister, was second!  While I knew I’d have to  have one in Wichita (Teri initially wanted to do it at her house in El Dorado), I though a smaller shower with my sisters in Christ would be so nice and happily agreed.

Me and Teri after a long day of pie baking!

We actually ended up having the shower in Wichita after all, at Sharon’s house, so that everyone could make it, but I was actually grateful to have this separate, more intimate shower.  We could have easily fit everyone into my Lil’ Pumpkin Shower, but that one was fairly large as it was, and it’s just a lot harder to connect with guests when there are so many.  With this smaller one, it was so fun, so relaxing, and my face literally hurt afterward because I laughed and smiled so hard the whole time.

As you can see, this was my second (well, third if you count Joan’s aunt shower) Dr. Seuss baby shower!  I guess everyone knew our nursery theme. :) 

Teri made the punch and Sharon had a co-worker make the cute cake.  Are you eying that decadent punch like I did?

Chocolate Mocha Punch, people! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.  And while I do have a cup of coffee at least once a week (my doctor approved one cup a day), I didn’t have to worry about caffeine because Teri used decaf coffee.  I couldn’t even tell!  Soooo delish.  Definitely sharing this recipe next week!

Sharon started us off with games, and I know the picture’s fuzzy, but the yellow thing hanging from her hands is a tape measure.  She measured my waist and everyone had to write down their guesses as to how many inches my waist is.  Usually people cut off pieces of yarn or lengths of toilet paper as long as they think will fit around the mother-to-be’s waist, but this way was faster and actually a lot more fun, because Sharon read the answers aloud.  The answers ranged from 24″ (Awwww, my sweet girl Tara guessed that one and Teri rightly said, “We’re not talking about her ankles!” HA!), all the way up to 150″.  YIPES!  We were laughing so hard!  Of course you wouldn’t want to play the game this way if the mother-to-be is the sensitive type.  I’m not at all, or at least not with my sisters.  We have so much fun joking around.  And if you’re wondering, my waist is a honkin’ 54″.  Wow!

See what I mean about the laughs?  They were just nonstop. :)

This is me and my girl, Tara (the kind soul who guessed my waist was 24″…which actually got more laughs than the one who guessed 150 – ha!).  I’ve mentioned her a lot on my blog because she is a great self-taught artist and I’ve shown off some of her work, including how she pimped my stained jeans, won a ribbon for her artwork on Den’s guitar, and most recently, made me a “Cupcake in the Oven” shirt.  She also took most of these pictures for me, and also the pictures in the video I made about our “Happy Ending” of us announcing at church and the subsequent hugs and tears that followed.  This girl would do anything I asked her to – she is just the sweetest.  And it just so happened that I opened her gift first.

I took my time studying the picture before I showed everyone else.  Once what I was looking at sunk in, the tears started.  Take your time and really look at the images from left to right in the second photo below.

My son’s life…seeing him grow up and grow old with his wife in a single picture frame…was just so touching.  It also made me realize that wow, we’re bringing another life into this world that can bring more life and one day, he’ll be old with someone (we hope) like we are today. :)  It’s a beautiful keepsake that will always be on our walls, and some day his.

Again, gift-opening photos are so boring, so here are some collages.  I got a lot of wonderful, useful gifts. Yay for more diapers and a flexible plastic bib that catches food!

This quilt was from Judy (Tara’s Grandma, who managed to escape the camera), and all her Granddaughters helped by putting the ties on each square.  This quilt is just like the ones my Grandma Davis used to make and the kind we grew up with, so it really takes me back.

I got a rag quilt from Teri with a musical theme since Dennis plays guitar and I sing, a “dog gone handsome” sleeper with dogs on it from my Mother-in-law (she sent it with me from the last shower since she couldn’t make it, and Joan sent a gift too because they’re the best EVER), some cash from Susan and on the card she wrote “I didn’t know what you needed, but cash is always useful.  Rex and I use it to this day.” LOL!) and a sweater wrap that Marissa knitted for Joshua when he gets a little older.  Dennis says it looks like something Anakin Skywalker would wear so he appoves. LOL!  I got a lot more gifts but I think you get the idea.  It was a wonderful shower and a wonderful closing to all my showers.  God has blessed us so much through the people he’s brought into our lives and I just couldn’t be more thankful.

And I’m officially done posting showers!  *phew*  Come back next week for some recipes from my showers. :)



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  1. Muchas felicidades!!
    Que todo sea con felicidad!!


  2. Congratulations to you all. God is good!


  3. cute shower! You’re friends are very thoughtful! Love the cake


  4. Haha what an adorable shower :D



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  6. It looks like you had so much fun, V!! Love seeing your happy, beaming face!!!


  7. Very nice! Ilove the picture your are very blesed…


  8. omg that drawing! I absolutely LOVE It! so special and creative. Something I’m sure you’ll treasure forever. She IS really talented! Another great baby shower! I love the cake and punch. I loved seeing all of your showers!!!



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