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Thankful Thursdays #36: a pie-ful day

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I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  Here’s what I am thankful for this week!

Thursday: For another day of life.

Friday: For the most fun, most uplifting day I’ve had for a while! I spent the morning and early afternoon teaching my friend, Teri, how to make pretty pies and we had such a blast, it’s almost ridiculous.  (We agreed back in December it would be a fab idea for each of us to teach the other something we know that they don’t.  I know pretty pies, and Teri knows homestyle cooking.  So after many busy months, we finally made the time for our first lesson.  Can’t wait for mine!).  Then we joined Teri and her husband for a Bible study in their home!  She served us a wonderful summer meal comprised of many different hearty salads, and we gobbled pie for dessert.  Then we delved into God’s word.  It was the type of day that at the end of it, you feel peaceful & content to your very soul.

This shows one each of the pies we made (we made two of each of the smaller ones). Clockwise from top: Brown Sugar Peach, Triple Berry, Dixie, and Cool Strawberry.

Saturday: My first day as a “career” employee at the USPS Remote Encoding Center!  (For those new to my blog, I have been a transitional employee there for 7 years.) Although my new schedule is unpredictable and I’m having trouble adjusting to the later hours, I’m very thankful for the ≈$3/hour raise and the benefits.

Sunday:  Due to my new schedule, which will require me to work many Sunday mornings (the only real complaint I have with this position), I had to find a replacement to teach Sunday School for the next three months, and the first lady I asked agreed.  I am so thankful for her help!

Monday: That orientation lasted 6 hours so I only had to work for two hours.  :D

Tuesday:  Finally got the invitations out for our annual Davis-family reunion (AKA “The Pig Roast“).  (I am on the planning committee and have been in charge of invites for the last 6 or 7 years.)  This is our 35th and final year at Uncle Pete’s and Aunt Nadene’s (the same place Dennis and I got married!), so I really hope I can make it.

Wednesday:  RAIN!  I was surprised when Jessie cut our walk shorter than usual and led us back home after just a few blocks, but realized why when as soon as we got inside, the heavens opened wide and a waterfall gushed forth!  Boy, did we need it.  Thank you, Lord!!


Thankful Thursdays #34: I’m a real person

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I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  Here’s what I am thankful for this week!

Thursday: That I somehow managed to lose .4 pounds last week, despite only counting points two days out of seven.  Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m paying for Weight Watchers any more.  Actually, I do.  I think paying for it is the only thing that’s keeping me from gaining.  I’m not following the WW plan at all, so it must be those dollars spent that is keeping me from gaining.  I think I may have just jinxed myself, though!

Friday: Once again, our friends, Ben and Ashley, invited us over to dinner, but this time I remembered my camera.  I know my Thursday posts are always on the long side, but forgive me because I’m about to share a bunch of photos of our wonderful dinner with you.  Ben is a foodie, and fabulous chef.  Try not to be too jealous, OK?

Our appetizer: fried zucchini (garden fresh) with Ben's special sauce

The master at work.

Buttered mushrooms & caramelized onions to top the steaks, and a side of potatoes seasoned with smoked paptrika and bacon.

He also made a side of lemony buttered artichokes.

Den's T-bone steak with rosemary butter. As you can tell from the lack of anything else on his plate, this was all he cared about. He was in steak heaven!

My plate! It was soooo fantastic, and I don't really even like steak usually.

Individual apple pie tarts for dessert!

Served warm with ice cream. Pie nirvana.

You might recognize their daughter, Leah, from my Bible class.  BTW, she has renamed me “Caddy.”  Or maybe she’s calling me “Catty.”  (Hope not! lol)  Not sure how she got either from “Veronica,” but it’s kinda cute and I like it. :)

Playing in the sandbox while Daddy makes dinner.

Saturday: Good local restaurants and my zany family.  We had breakfast at Lexi’s, a new diner-type place just a few blocks from our home, and they had the best, biggest, fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

In the evening, I went to my cousin, Racine’s, Tupperware party and she greeted me at the door in this getup, calling herself “Mrs. Discofire,” pronouncing it “disco fi-ah” in a perfect NY accent.  She stayed in character almost the whole night, and as you can guess, it was a fun one with lots of laughs.

Sunday: My Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. ALWAYS.

Monday: That we found someone who could fix my water pump for $75, just 1/4 of the price quoted to us at the shop, and that we had exactly that much money in our bank account!  Actually, we were short $5 but my Dad ended up paying us $10 (he does this once a month b/c that’s how much we pay to keep him on our phone plan) so it all worked out.  Booyah!

Tuesday:  That I no longer have to carpool with my husband!!  My water pump started leaking so bad that I couldn’t even make it two miles without having to pull over to refill the radiator with water, so I had to stop driving it last Wednesday.  Because our schedules are different, carpooling meant I had to drive him to work (across town), then drive home, then drive myself across town to work, then pick him up when I got off, and his huge extended-bed F150 is not so economical when it comes to gas consumption.  So glad we both have our own cars again.

Wednesday: I got the job!  As of August 1st, I will be a career employee for the US Postal Service.  Woot-diddly-doot!  I’m a real person now! LOL, that’s what my preacher said when I told him that I got offered a permanent position after all this time.  I’ve been a temp for seven years, so it does kinda feel like I’m real now. LOL!  Honestly, this still hasn’t settled in yet.  It just doesn’t seem real.  I’ve been a temp so long I don’t know if I can handle being a “real person” with job security and benefits.  Ha!

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