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A photo session with a reluctant dog

Yesterday I featured a picture of me with Joshua’s big sister, Jessie.  You probably assumed she just plopped down on her butt and smiled at the camera like a pro.  Um, no.  Maybe some dogs love to pose for the camera, but it’s Jessie’s number 3 thing that she hates, after thunder and the power going out.  She is always reluctant to face the camera.

I thought I’d share how hard it is to get a decent photo with this girl, and why I feature her on my blog so rarely.  She came into the nursery while we were doing our weekly pregnancy photos and I decided to try to get her to pose with me.  But first she demanded butt scratching, and once I obliged, she never wanted me to stop.  You can see on her tail where there is missing fur – even on medication, her allergies are so bad in the summer that she’s still itchy.

I finally got her to chillax on the butt scratchin’ and sit, but then she wanted to face me with her head down, which is how she asks for a neck massage.  Spoiled pup much? lol  At first I tried to coax her into posing without a massage…

And this was the best I got.

Why must you torture me, Mama?

Then we had some progress because she finally looked up at me and was smiling.  This would have been a great photo if I was smiling back in a normal way, and not with such an open-wide mouth that I looked like I was ready to eat her.

This one cracks me up because I look like a dog trainer and she’s listening really hard to me.  I wish!

But then the magic finally happened, and voila!  It was all worth it.

Jessie was rewarded with her neck massage. :)

I don’t think I ever shared this “Meet Jessie” video on my blog, so you can watch it now if you didn’t get enough of her in this post. :)  Also, it shows what our living room & kitchen used to look like before we had to empty the office and change it dramatically so that we had a place to put some of the stuff.  I will have to take pics of what it looks like now to share with you.  Soon!


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I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.

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  1. You have more patience than I do in getting a good picture.

    The video of Jessie is great. I notice she makes herself quite comfortable on your pretty quilt.


  2. thebetterbaker11

    A fun post! Looks like Jessie already has you in training for being a mom, huh? She’ll make a very protective and great big sister. ;-} (I’m still amazed you can sit on the floor…and get up?=)


  3. I had to laugh, because I was only able to get still pictures of our dog once he got old – I think you did pretty good!


  4. Just wait until Joshua goes through the “no photo” phase – you’ll have hundreds of photos with grumpy looks and hands over the eyes. :)


  5. So cute Veronica! Animals certainly add a lot of pizazz to our lives, don’t they?


  6. I finally, finally got to reading this blog V! I had to laugh through most of it. Our old dog Snoopy despised the camera and always hid from it…not sure why. He hated thunder and storms too. My two now are pretty photogenic but, at times can be prissy…lol!! Love the pictures you finally got with big sis Jessie :)


    • I thought of Snoopy when I wrote this. Jessie’s not as bad as him about the camera, but we do have to work pretty hard to get her to look at it, let alone manage to catch her looking at it. A smile at the camera is priceless b/c it’s so hard to get! lol She also hates thunderstorms and the worst? Power outages. Freaks her the heck out. She will hide in the bathtub for eons even after the power comes back on. I think she thinks the world is going to implode every time it goes out or something. lol



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