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Honey-Garlic Wings

When I needed a recipe for wings so I could make them for Den’s potluck at work, my friend Marina pulled through for me with this one.  I used a 4 lb bag of frozen wings and increased the sauce accordingly and as you can see, it still wasn’t enough to fill my [old school 1980’s] crockpot.  So if you’re needing to make enough for a large crowd, I’d suggest doubling the recipe….and then making it twice. Believe me, they will go fast.

Honey Garlic Wings

2 1/2 lb. wings, trimmed and separated
1/2 c soy sauce
3 Tbsp. honey
3/4 c water
4 large garlic cloves
2 tsp. minced fresh ginger

Combine soy sauce, honey and water in a small bowl.  Heat wok and add a little oil. When hot, add garlic and ginger. Stir-fry for a second or two. Add wings and stir-fry until nicely browned, adding more oil if needed. Add soy sauce mixture and turn heat down to simmer. Cover and cook 20 to 25 minutes or until wings are cooked through. Stir occasionally. Remove lid and turn heat up to high. Cook wings, stirring all the while, until sauce is reduced enough to glaze wings.

Recipe courtesy of Marina C.

Veronica’s Notes:I ended up with so much sauce in the pan that the wings basically boiled in it until done.  To keep from overcooking them, I removed them with a slotted spoon and continued simmering the sauce until it was cooked down enough I could put the wings back in and glaze them. I don’t know if my chicken was extra juicy and that caused the overabundance of sauce, but just thought I’d warn you.  I think I will try leaving out the water next time.

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