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Sorry, I have to!

I was so going to post a recipe today since I haven’t done one all week, but our cousin, Sherry, shared some pics she took at the wedding reception and hers are soooo much better than my dark and grainy ones that I had to show you guys a couple, especially the cake since you can actually see what it looked like in real life in her photo.  I promise I’ll be back on the recipes bandwagon next week!

Am I allowed to be really pleased with my own cake? Because I so am!  Please click to enlarge and marvel that I managed to get the corners & edges so crisp on the buttercream–that took hours and hours and I was ready to scream before it finally started to look the way I wanted it to.  But this photo is almost enough to make me renounce my “last wedding cake ever!” proclamation that came before it was finished.  Like the pain of childbirth (so I hear), it was quickly forgotten and now I’m thinking about doing it again. Silly, silly me.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!  See you on the flip side!


Thankful Thursday #93: the cake didn’t explode

So did any of you realize that the cake in yesterday’s wedding photos was the cake I said I was making on Thanksgiving? Oh yes it is!  It survived the 1 1/2 hour journey and did not explode, implode, topple over, get dropped, get smashed, get stepped on, sat on, or even sneezed on.  It was perfect.  Well, as close to perfect as I’ll ever get a cake.  Thank the Lord above for small miracles!  Or perhaps in my case, it was a miracle of epic proportions.

This was my first wedding cake:

And this was my first wedding cake done for a couple I did not know, so the stress factor and importance factor was even higher (they did not have love for me to help with forgiveness,  lol):

Notice the water on the box? Yeah, it was raining. I hope it’s true that the more goes wrong on your wedding day, the smoother your marriage, because if so, this couple must be the happiest couple on Earth!  They certainly deserve it.

And here’s the sad little dummy cake (made out of styrofoam) I made in a hurry to replace the cake I ruined…and then proceeded to drop and ruin it as well.  It was a bad. day.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal that the only snafu I ran into with this cake was that the top tier suffered from icing budge (when the air inside a refrigerated cake expands as it comes to room temperature and causes a bulge and/or eruption in the frosting). I even put a dowel rod in the top tier to keep the budge from happening but should have removed it to allow more air to circulate during the trip, but even so, this was a small problem and I just pressed the frosting back into place with a spatula and it was good as new.

I was so happy you guys!  The bride was happy, the groom was happy, and we all lived happily ever after.

Until the cake slid off the table.  ;)  The end.

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