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Celebrating 3 Years

Veronica’s Cornucopia is now three years old!  Happy birthday, VC! :)  In keeping with my annual blogiversary tradition, let’s review the top ten posts (those with the most views) within the last year…

Cake Pops

You guys are seriously. obsessed. with cake pops.  I’m convinced this will always be my number one most popular post, though I’ve grown enough that the pops don’t account for most of my blog views as they did last year.  Only a third of them now!

Cake Pops, Balls, & Truffles: Troubleshooting & FAQ

I had to post this a year and a half ago because of the obsession.  I got so many questions about cake pops that I finally had to close down the comment section on that post after it reached over 200 comments.  This really helps answer most questions regarding cake pops, whether how to store them, or troubleshooting, etc.

Baked Potato Salad

Thanks to Pinterest, my Baked Potato Salad exploded in popularity over the summer.  I can actually thank Pinterest for most of my page views this year, I believe.  I’m thankful because my photography isn’t good enough to be on Foodgawker or Tastespotting, so it’s nice to have a place like Pinterest where my amateur point-and-shoot photos are good enough for most people.

Oreo Cookie (or Cookies ‘n Cream) Cake

Although I really don’t like Oreos, I love this cake.  So much that I even submitted it to our company’s fundraiser cookbook.  I really need to make this more often.

Turtle Cookies

(AAAA my eyes, my eyes! Why did I leave that blue cast on the photo? I need to fix that!)  I’m proud that a recipe I posted within the last year and created myself made it to the top ten!  I really love these cookies, you just can’t beat the combination of chewy caramel, nutty pecans, and semisweet chocolate in a buttery vanilla cookie dough.

Cupcake Bites

Of course! Another variation of cake pops and people are all over it! This is my favorite way to make them, so easy, no cracking, and so cute!

Cherry Cordials (Chocolate Covered Cherries)

I used to love cheap cherry cordials but now, I can’t really stand them.  But I will totally eat these!  Homemade is almost always best.

Homemade Kahlua {Coffee Liqueur}

This reminds me I need to make some more!  After my last batch of Kahlua brownies, I only have about 1/2 cup left.  Better get on that!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cake Pops

What, did you think vegans didn’t obsess over cake pops too?  This is a universal obsession, people!

Favorite Chocolate Cake, plus tiered cake tips

Ohhhh yeah.  OK you guys, I have to tell you I make this cake at least once a month (the two-layer cake recipe, not a three-tier version.  I’m crazy but not that crazy.)  Everyone goes c-razy for it.  If you haven’t made it yet…do it. :)

After looking at all that sugar, I’m so ready to eat a healthy dinner!  LOL!  I wanted to include my own favorites (right now I’d pick all savory foods–I’m totally sugared out with today’s post-lol!) but don’t have time today, so hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  In the mean-time, you can scope out my updated “current favorites” in the side-bar, which are all Thanksgiving-friendly. Thanks everyone for making this a great year for Veronica’s Cornucopia!

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