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30 weeks: earning my stripes

30 weeks as of yesterday!  And I made it all this time without stretch marks.  Until yesterday.

I’ve been using Palmer’s products (this oil from 3-5 months, and this massage cream to the present) in hopes they would help my skin stretch and I could avoid the stretch marks that run in my family (both my Mom and sister got them really bad with their pregnancies).  All the books and websites I’ve seen say there’s no avoiding them if they’re in your genetics, but I was hoping to prove those mean old books and websites wrong.

About a month ago, I noticed the old stretch marks on my hips were turning red at the tips (they are vertical lines that extend upward toward my stomach) and I knew that these weak points were starting to stretch further as my tummy grew. I started putting extra lotion on those and they haven’t really done anything but stay red at the tips.  But yesterday I noticed several red spots on my lower tummy that don’t look like stretch marks yet, but I can tell they’re the tiny beginnings of them.  So it’s happening.  I still have 10 weeks to go so it could get really bad, especially considering how big I am already, and that Joshua is going to be doubling his weight during this time, and I’m trying to be OK with that.

A cousin shared this on Facebook before I got pregnant, and this is what I think of every time I think about the stretch marks coming my way.  I can’t forget how much I would have given at that time to have a baby that caused these marks, or “badges of honor,” as I’ve started to think of them.  Having known the pain of infertility and the fear that I would die without children, I should wear these marks with a happy heart, because not every woman who wants a baby gets one.  These marks are just another proof of the blessing, even if they’re not as appealing as the baby itself.  :)

It’s this thought, that Joshua is worth these “flaws,” that helps me most.  He really is worth it, and so much more.

You know it.

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