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Thankful Thursday #91: why it’s good to be thankful

I’m kind of a freak of nature, not just in the normal freaky ways (like my coconut oil obsession and eating the same green beans every. single. day), but also because I’m so happy.  It’s really hard to keep me down!  People make fun of me and laugh at me (in a nice way) because I sing and whistle everywhere I go.  As soon as I go into the break room or restroom at work, I usually start singing or whistling and I’ll hear someone out of view call out, “That has to be Veronica!” LOL!  Yup, they have my number.  I’m a happy girl.

**Embarrassing true story: recently I was listening to one of my favorite songs at work on the way to the restroom and just could not hold in the exuberance the song brings out in me.  I was bouncing along all the way to the restroom since I didn’t see anyone else around, and as soon as I rounded the corner the energy busted out of me into spasmodic dance moves, my arms flying over my head and my hips swaying and feet stomping…and ran right into a co-worker.  “Oh sorry, I just had to bust a move,” I laughed, and she looked at me like I was…well, the freak of nature that I am.**

In addition to being raised in a jolly family who found humor in the darkest situations, and the joy & peace I find in Christ and my faith, another big reason for my happiness are these Thankful Thursdays posts.  I first started doing them right after Thanksgiving two years ago because I was so loaded with thankfulness from spending time with my family-in-law that I wanted to extend that state into my everyday life.  (You can see my first Thanksgiving post here.) By keeping constantly focused on what I’m thankful for, the bad things are always tempered by how much good I find.  And it makes the good things even bigger and better.

I was recently reading an article talking about how being thankful is proven to improve your health!  So not only does counting your blessings cheer you up, it can improve your health and energy levels as well.  As we’re coming up on the holiday devoted to giving thanks, I urge you to dig deep this year, write down as many as you can think of every day until Thanksgiving.  Believe me, there are many bad days where I really don’t want to find anything to be thankful for, but I always force myself too.  And guess what?  I always feel better!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! ~Psalm 107:1

Tell me something, anything, that you are thankful for right now. Whether it be little or big, I want to hear it!  And I’ll start with mine: I’m thankful for my socks.  My feet get so super cold in the winter, and I’m thankful I have thick fuzzy socks to warm them up because I’ve tried sleeping with cold feet and I can’t.  Thank you big, fat, fuzzy neon pink socks!

Your turn–go!

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