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Thankful Thursdays #84: dirty dishes

Sometimes I feel like I’m being terribly monotonous, finding things to be thankful for in spite of everything that isn’t so great.  Not that my life isn’t fantabulous, because it is, but I think all of us take it hard when things aren’t going the way we had planned, expected, or hoped.  Well, today is another Thankful Thursday along the same vein, but light-hearted, so I bet you’ll forgive me for any monotony :)

I ran across this little poem on Facebook and it fits perfectly with my own thoughts on the matter, so I created a graphic for it since the only ones I found online were the work of artists and I didn’t want to steal their work for my blog.  I love finding sunshine in the shadows, and while dirty dishes aren’t very shady (lol), I still like this positive perspective on having a sink full of them.  I think I need this in my kitchen…maybe visitors will be more forgiving, especially if I have something tasty on hand to distract them while they’re dirtying even more dishes.

Note to self: make and freeze some cakes!

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