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Thankful Thursdays #45: I saw daylight! {singing video bonus}

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I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  Here’s what I am thankful for this week!

Thursday:  Hot pads.  When I remember to use them. ;)

Friday: My crockpot!  I have a feeling it’s going to get me through the winter with meals because I’m no longer home to cook dinner (or do you call it supper?  My in-laws call the evening meal supper–I think it’s a regional thing but they only live two hours from us!).  It’s nice coming home to the smell of beef stew and knowing my husband had something nutritious, rather than the jalapeño potato chips and Coke he’s been known to eat in place of a decent meal.

Saturday: Seeing daylight after getting off work.  On weekdays I work second shift, but on weekends it’s first shift and it’s always nice to get off on Saturday and see a blue sky.

Sunday: For weeks I was angry (angry, angry, angry, guilty, and sad–it was probably unhealthy) that I couldn’t make the morning worship services because I had to work, but now I’m focusing on being thankful that I at least get off in time to make it to the evening service.

Monday: OK, I have conflicting feelings about Pinterest (I’m addicted) but I’m mostly thankful for it.  It has been so much more helpful than bookmarking things and I’m actually making the recipes I’m saving now.

Tuesday: A wonderful dinner with a visiting preacher and his wife (here for a gospel meeting), our regular preacher and his wife, and the dear friend that first started the ball rolling in us becoming Christians by inviting us to church.  We all met at Bagatelle Bakery, a new-to-me French bakery & restaurant, before the meeting.  Good company, good food.  It’s aaaaaaall good. :)

Wednesday: For my voice.  I’m not the next American Idol, but I think I have a fairly nice voice and I really love to belt out hymns at church with it (though I do have to hold back from going all Mariah Carey on the hymns as I have a tendency to ride all over the scale when I’m singing slower songs at home).  We don’t need a beautiful voice to please God when we sing his praises, but I do appreciate that I was blessed with one.

This is an old video I uploaded to MySpace a few years ago, and it is so NOT me, but if you want to hear my voice, hear you go.  The goofyness is all me, but rarely can I pull off this attitude without laughing.  Watching it, I am shocked that I didn’t even pull a single smile!  I think Iwas able to act like I thought I was “all that” without cracking up because I was only singing for a camera and not a live audience!

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