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Thankful Thursdays #27: our fallen soldiers

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I made a thanksgiving resolution to find something to be thankful for every day until next Thanksgiving.  Here’s what I am thankful for this week!

Thursday: Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs! We have made three new puppy friends in our area while taking Jessie on her nightly walk and it is such a joy to pet those wriggling happy bodies over the fences.  I think we’re up to 7 dogs on our walk that love us and one that loves to hate us.  I melt for those lovers!  I used to detest dogs, but now they have a magical power over me.  I almost wish I could take them all home, but I’m pretty happy with the stinker we can call our own.

Friday: I’m the treasurer in our home and I made a miscalculation that prepared us for the worst after paying all the bills, but the bottom line was a lot prettier than I had expected once the last check was mailed.  Facing a bigger balance than we have had in several weeks after expecting to live off canned goods was a pleasant surprise!  Thankfully I don’t make the other kind of miscalculation too often.

Saturday: To get the grocery shopping done ON TIME!  Saturday is grocery day but we’ve skipped it for two or three weeks now, which has led us to eat out more often that we should have, which has led us to have less money than we should have.  Thankfully, we had a free day with nothing scheduled so we could use it for errands and chores.  Hahaha, did I just say “thankfully” right before “errands and chores?!”  What is wrong with me? lol

Sunday:  That my Dad’s foot, which has been giving him a lot of trouble, has healed enough that he can walk without the assistance of a walker.  This is good, because the chances of getting him to the doctor other than for his quarterly check-ups is .001%.

Monday: For those who lost their lives fighting for the quality of ours.

And to spend a day with dear, dear friends.

Tuesday: Free tickets to a Wingnuts (Wichita’s baseball team) game!  Wingnuts won 6 to 2 and we had a great time.

Wednesday: Grilled burgers. Amen.

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