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Thankful Thursdays #88: too many blessings to count!

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Wow, this is too cool-my 88th Thankful Thursday. My favorite number is eight and I think it’s kinda cool that this is the week–the week of two eights–that I have so many thanksgivings I seriously can’t count them!

OK, I could.  But I really just do not have the time.  I’m working split shifts right now so I can make a nightly gospel meeting this week, which means I’m gone from home almost 12 hours a day, leaving less free time to get things done.  Nevertheless, I have more to do at home than usual, as I’m organizing a fundraiser, trying to keep on top of the cookie swap (I use a spreadsheet to add the sign-up names & info every day so I won’t have as much work to do later), I had a cake order from my boss, and there is a charity bake sale going on at work that I’m also trying to bake for.

So I’m going to keep this week’s Thankful Thursday really simple and will just whallop you good with my thanksgivings next week.  :) I really like taking time to fully appreciate where I am in life, and sometimes I think we all need a little help realizing just how good we really have it.  I ran across this graphic on Facebook when I was pretty low a couple weeks ago, and it hit home for me.

Wow.  We are a blessed people and I know if you are reading this that you will agree, because you wouldn’t be able to read this if you couldn’t afford luxuries like internet service.  Let us not take these blessings for granted, and may we use our prosperity for good, including to help those in need.  Don’t forget to consider you just may be the “angel” God sent to answer a prayer.

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