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Thankful Thursdays #72: oh no he didn’t

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If Dennis had written today’s post, it would have been called “Thankful Thursdays #72: nose hairs.”

Every week I brainstorm with Dennis about what my Thankful Thursday should center around.  This week, he said, “One thing you’re probably thankful for, but not aware of, is your nose hairs.”

I lost it.  I think I laughed for a whole minute straight, doubled over, even while he continued on to explain his point.

“I mean, think about it.  They’re with you twenty-four hours a day and they’re always working for you, doing what they need to do.  But pretty much the only time we notice them is when a booger gets stuck in them.  They’re basically the unsung heroes of the facial orifices.”

Seriously, I could write another tribute of thankfulness for my husband based on how many times a day he makes me laugh.  But he has a point.  I mean, without nose hairs, who knows what kind of foreign objects we’d be sucking back into our lungs.  Nose hairs (OK, at this point, I’m starting to cringe whenever I say “nose hairs.”  Once is funny, but now it feels grody-lol.) trap dirt, viruses, bacteria and toxins until we blow them out, sneeze, or swallow.

Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like my blog was going this wrong before.  I’m really sicking myself out! lol

But I think you get the point.  NH’s (there, that sounds much better), just like every part of our bodies, serve a very necessary and important purpose.  People with not enough NH are three times more likely to suffer from asthma!  (Men, you can use that as an excuse when anyone gets onto you about your excessive NH.  It’s saving you from buying an inhaler.)  So let’s sing some praises to our nose hairs today, shall we?

And since we are completely crazy (as if you needed any further proof after reading this blog), we made two different songs to pay tribute to our lovely nose hairs.  Enjoy!



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