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Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

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You guys, I love Mother’s Day. I always have.  Shout out to my Mama and all the other wonderful mothers out there!

But I also want to acknowledge that this can be a bittersweet and even downright sad day for many women and men. Those that have lost their mothers. Those that have lost children. Those that have wanted children for a long time and are scared they will never be able to have them.

I just want you to know, that my heart beats with yours today.  Remember God’s love for you, that He is with us through every tear, and I hope that His huge love will help fill the empty spots in your heart today.

Happy Mother’s Day to EVERY WOMAN (and man, as the case may be)! Because aren’t we really all mothers in one way or another?

Jessie thinks she has the best mama in the whole world! :D

And I have the best fur baby.

Happy Jessie in the shade


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