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Thankful Thursdays #87: a (good) birthday cake-tastrophy

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If you are wondering how a cake-tastrophy could be good, then I’ll tell you.  I told Dennis all I wanted for my birthday (earlier this week) was for him to make me a cake and while he presented me with the ugliest cake I’ve ever laid eyes on, he really put a lot of time and effort into it and all of his heart.  So yes, this was a wonderful cake.  And a wonderful birthday.

The best part, however, was that he actually recorded the process so I could watch it.  I edited the footage down to 5 minutes and pretty much die laughing every time I see this.  I’m thankful to have lived another year, and to have such a wonderful husband to do this for me, and pretty soon you’ll be thanking me for the belly laughs!

Who else thinks I may have a submission for Cake Wrecks? ;)

My notes about the video:

*Did you notice Dennis changes his apron three times? Thankfully he stuck with the least feminine one for most of the video-lol.

*He actually glued a used cake box back together for the scene with Jessie to make it look like she was destroying a new box.  He also threw it to get her to play fetch with it.

*Ugh, he did the creeper face again!  Did you notice it?  While he was at the mixer, he looked back over his shoulder and did the face. Stop with that face!

*”Be well, the thrust of my sword”??? LOL! He meant beware but didn’t notice he misspoke until we watched the video together.

*Yes, he tried to kill our dog by giving her chocolate frosting! Thankfully it wasn’t much and she has managed to eat a lot more than that several times in her life with no ill effects, so she was OK.

*When he looks at the cakes in the oven and says “I thought the cake levellers were supposed to handle that dome thing,” he’s actually referring to the Bake Even Strips around the pans. A cake leveller is something different.  And they did improve the doming–the cakes would have been significantly more domed if he hadn’t used them, but he was under the impression that they would bake completely flat.

*When he’s mixing the white frosting, you will notice that there is a loud clacking sound…that would be the dislodged beaters beating against each other. He made the whole batch of frosting without noticing one had fallen out!  I had to watch like 5 minutes of footage listening to the clanging and cringing. I have yet to check to see if my beaters survived…frankly I’m a little scared.

Oh, and since this is Thankful Thursday, I hope you won’t begrudge me sharing another thanksgiving. Baby is working again! Thanks to the help of a friend and Dennis’ mad mechanic skillz, she’s back to her former glory! :)  You have no idea the feeling of freedom I have now, not having to wait for rides or borrowing cars. I’m thrilled!

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