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29 weeks: PANTS!

Maybe I don’t look excited, having just woken from a two hour nap, but look at what I’m wearing. Those are long pants!  Long pants that I could wear without sweating because the weather is so much cooler. Hallelujah!

Before that two hour nap commenced, I felt Joshua’s hiccups for the first time.  It was a steady throb that was slower than my heartbeat, so I knew it wasn’t a pulsing artery, even though that’s what it reminded me of.  Dennis was lying beside me (we are always tired on Sundays since we have to get up earlier than usual, and have taken to napping in the afternoon) and I put his hand on the spot I where I felt it, and he felt it too.  Pretty neat!  I was waiting for it and thought maybe I just had a baby that didn’t get the hiccups, but it finally happened.

I officially feel pregnant.  I felt pregnant before, but I feel really pregnant now.  I look back on my second trimester pictures and miss that little manageable belly, so I should probably try to appreciate the bigger one I have now because I’ll be doing the same thing with these pictures in another month when I’m the size of a manatee. To see week-by-week progression photos, you can click here. My belly was so cute during the second trimester. What happened? LOL!

Someone else is happy with the cooler weather.  Little Miss Priss! (One of her many nicknames.)  She loves winter and hates summer so we’re totally on the same wavelength right now.  Anyway, since the weather is cooler, she joined in on the outdoor photos for the first time.  Usually if she dared to go into the hot backyard at all previously, she would immediately dig a hole in the shade to lay in (click the link to watch a short video of her doing just that – so cute).  I decided to try and touch my toes (cue laughter) and here she came to join in the fun.

I was laughing, telling Dennis this was as far as I could go, and Jessie was itching.  Her allergies will soon let up as the grass dies, which is another reason to be happy for fall.

Jessie’s serious face.

I tried to touch my toes for real this time, and Jessie sneaked in between my arms and my legs! So funny!

There you go.  No more toe touching, at least not in this position.  I can still cross my legs but that’s getting harder too.  I don’t care.  I don’t really like having a big belly in the way, not being able to reach things or bend over very well, the swollen feet and hands, heartburn, or achy back, but I want it all to last forever anyway.  I love being pregnant, and thank God that I am, remembering how much I would have given seven months ago to experience any of the awfulness that accompanies pregnancy so that ultimately I would have a child of my own.  Sometimes I can hardly believe this is really happening and that in less than three months, Lord willing, we’ll get to meet our baby.  Totally unreal.  Totally amazing. Praise the Lord for this blessing!

Isaiah 66:9

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