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Thankful Thursdays #44: back to basics

Last week I changed things up by focusing on the bad things in my life each day and finding a way to be thankful for them.  This week I did something different as well, and chose each day that I was going to be thankful for a basic, fundamental thing that I usually take for granted.  Instead of going into each day waiting to see if something good would happen that I could be thankful for, I knew what I was going to be thankful for when I woke up and I concentrated on it.  It was very grounding!

Thursday: My heart.  Have you ever thought about how hard it works to keep us alive?  On average, our hearts beat 2-3 billion times before our bodies die.  And it never stops to take a rest.  Can you imagine clenching and unclenching your bicep from the moment it formed to the moment you died without taking a rest?  That’s what the heart does, it contracts 70 times a minute, on average, and never. stops. to rest.  How amazing is that, and the God who created it/us?!  I’m also thankful for my figurative heart, with which I feel a huge amount of love for the people in my life, including you!

Friday:  Food.  I have enough food (OK, more than enough, as evidenced by my muffin top.  Mmm…muffins.), and I’m very thankful for that.

Saturday:  Paper.  For the paper used to make my Bible and other books I love, for the paper which I print my favorite recipes onto, for the paper onto which I write a note to a friend, for the paper used to make the greeting cards I send and receive, for all the paper used to make the envelopes which people mail things in, which I then see on my computer screen at work and follow the computer prompts to key in information from the mail piece.  Because of all those paper envelopes that are mailed, I get paid with paper money.  See?  Paper.   It makes the world go round.  (Please buy recycled paper when possible to prevent killing off its source, trees, which are much more important!) 

Sunday:  Hope.  I think everyone has hope to a degree, some more than others.  I’m thankful for the hope I have, because it keeps me going!

Monday:  Underwear.  Seriously, I have never in my life felt thankful for underwear because I’ve always had it.  I never questioned it–it was always just there to serve me.  We may not wear as much as they did in the 1800’s (thank goodness–I can’t imagine wearing all those layers in the summer!), but I appreciate having a little something soft between me and my clothing.

Tuesday: Language.  It allows us to work together to build cities, to share our feelings, to encourage one another, to teach.  Where would we be without it?

Wednesday: Laughter.  Have you ever noticed how just the sound of someone’s laughter can make you smile or laugh, even if you don’t know why they’re laughing?  It truly is contagious!  My favorite sound in the world is a child laughing.  It is only one of two things sure to instantly fix a bad mood of mine (the other being my dog, Jessie’s, smile).  Laughter is free, anyone can do it, it is universally understood, it relieves stress and tension, it can forge relationships and strengthen bonds.  Laughter is a powerful, beautiful thing.

Can you think of something basic & fundamental to be thankful for today?


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.

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  1. I’m thankful for finding your blog…. especially for being able to read your Thankful Thursday’s.


  2. Yes, I love the underwear, too. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Can’t imagine life without those granny panties. Jk, I’m not there YET! I am grateful for Thankful Thursdays as well and am very glad to have found you, Veronica.
    Making your peanutbutter sandwich cookies for the hubby’s bday today. I’m sure he’ll love them. It will be posted tonight.


  3. I really like your approach of deciding what to be thankful for the moment you wake up. That idea never occurred to me–but I can see how grounding it is! Today I am going to be thankful for my body. It’s healthy, rarely gets sick, moves easily around the city without the need of a cane or walker (yet =), and my husband likes it. I spent too many years wishing I were different–I want to spend the rest of my life being grateful for exactly the way God made me.


  4. If you love the sound of laughter, how about twin babies laughing?? I love this one, not sure if you’ve seen it or not!

    Hope the link works! Otherwise, try this one:


  5. I am thankful for a good night’s sleep. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain and waking up feeling ready to tackle the day :)


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  7. As well as you i’m thankful my panties lol but i’m really thankful for my bra ! I just hate going without it and i’m thankful for my glasses without them i would miss out on your blog and also all the beautiful things in my life everyday :)



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