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This is totally non-food related, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a new blog to journal my weight loss progress (so far I’ve lost 5 pounds and gained it back–all in a month–so I need help!) and anyone interested can find it here:

Dare I publish this?  Dare I? (Cue hyperventilation.)  Everyone will see my before picture!  Nooooooooooo!  But I think that will give me accountability to know others are reading so….I’m going to hit publish and try not to delete it.


About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.

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  1. Hey Sister- I hear ya! My problem is my weight just goes up! Actually I’ve lost a few lbs. the last month or so- but compared to 10 or 5 years ago I’m easily 50 lbs. heavier. So I will support you in this endeavour, and maybe you’ll motivate me to lose a few too!


  2. With the delicious recipes you post on here, I’d find it challenging. :-) Good luck to you!


    • I know, I kinda blame this food blog for part of my weight gain (always making fattening stuff “for the blog”) but I know it was all up to me what I decided to make and put in my mouth. I’m sure Recipe Rhapsody will suffer (less yummy posts!) but I finally decided my health was more important!


  3. It takes a lot of courage to share this. We’re all behind you, Veronica!


  4. Good luck! Have you checked out FatFree Vegan? I know you eat meat, but it’s an amazing site with really healthy, low fat meals and treats. Pretty much everything I’ve made from there has turned out fantastic.


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