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When my friend, Laura, an Oreo-cookie fanatic, saw my picture of these Oreo truffles, she told me, “Please, please don’t give me the recipe. They’d be my new Rolo crack.”

Rolo Turtles (aka “Rolo crack” among certain circles) is so delicious that it is absolutely irresistable and has caused weight gain in those who were foolish enough to make it, including Laura herself (the one who gave us the big idea in the first place)!

Hence the blog title. Yes, I’m well aware that it will most likely not deter her, but I can’t be held responsible–I did my best. After all, I couldn’t deprive my other friends of this recipe for her benefit. (Sorry, Laura!)
Now, onto the truffles!

The middles of these truffles are black, soft, and taste just like an Oreo cookie. If you have a food processor, they’re a snap to prepare. In fact, they’re the easiest truffles I’ve ever dipped in chocolate, because I didn’t have to refrigerate them first (they don’t melt when dipped in warm chocolate), which means the chocolate cooled much slower and I didn’t have to keep zapping it in the microwave. None of the filling melted off into the chocolate when I dunked them, and the chocolate slid off the truffles effortlessly, making a perfect, smooth, thin coating. I really deplore dipping truffles and usually just roll them in cocoa, but if I must dip, I would love it if the job were this easy every time.

Whip up a batch and take them to your next party or package them up as a gift–I guarantee they’ll be a hit!

Oreo Truffles

1 package (1 lb. 2 oz) Oreo cookies
1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
6 squares chocolate almond bark
1 square white almond bark (optional)

*It is OK to eat several of the cookies before you crush them. If you use the whole package, you will be left with over a cup of extra crushed cookies once you’re done making the truffles.

Put the cookies in the bowl of your food processor and process until very finely crushed. Measure out 3 cups of the crumbs and put them in a mixing bowl. Set the remaining crumbs aside for later. Add the cream cheese and mush it all up with your hands until it is a soft dough and is uniform in texture.

Form the mixture into balls, rolling until smooth, and place on a plate. Set a long piece of wax paper on a work surface, such as your counter.

Melt the chocolate almond bark according to package directions and dip each truffle in the chocolate with a fork. Tap the excess chocolate off and use a second fork to push the coated truffle onto the waxed paper. Sprinkle cookie crumbs onto the chocolate while it is still wet. Continue until all the truffles are coated, leaving half uncovered if you wish.

If you choose, you can melt the white almond bark and, using a fork or pastry bag, drizzle it over the truffles without crumbs on top.

Mine were OK at room temp for several days, but to be safe, I’d recommend storing them in the fridge if you aren’t going to serve them within 24 hours.

About Veronica

I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.

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  1. Those would so be my new Rolo crack. I feel like Homer Simpson right now.


  2. And thanks for the warning lol.


  3. These are amazing. Did you invent them?


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  7. Would the oreo filling be hard enough to put a lollipop stick in before dipping in chocolate? Or would it be too crumbly?


    • Yes, I believe it would! It’s not crumbly-it sticks together pretty well, but you should probably refrigerate the balls before putting in the sticks and dipping.


  8. Do you use the cream in the centre or just the oreo cookies on its own?


  9. Hi Veronica,
    I don’t have a food processor! Is there any way to make these without them?? My husband is obsessed with oreos and I’m trying out some treats to make for his birthday!
    Thanks in advance!


    • While I highly highly recommend you get a food processor (girl, it has so many uses, from crushing oreos, to making homemade nut butters, pie crust, dressing, mayonnaise, shredding/cutting vegetables, etc), if you are very very diligent in crushing them with a rolling pin with the cookies inside a Ziploc bag, that may work. They need to be very finely crushed so it’s going to take a lot of work to do it by hand. You could use a magic bullet or even a regular blender, but you will have to constantly shake the blender. Let me know how it goes!


  10. Just what i need, another addiction. Like I need encouragment to eat another sweet!!!! Thanks for another fun recipe. Have a great holiday.


  11. Hi Veronica,

    I am allergic to nuts so I would not be able to do the chocolate and white almond bark, these looked so good and I wanted to make them for a christmas party, I was wondering if there was something else you could use instead? Thanks!!


    • There’s no nuts in the almond bark, it’s not even really what it’s called, it’s just what people in our area call candy coating b/c we use it to make almond bark-lol! So buy candy coating and pretend I never called it almond bark. :)



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