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burned hand with boiling honey

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  1. Wow. And I was telling people I saved a baby from a burning building. I am sorry this happened to you, I can relate because I did the same thing and now I don’t feel so bad. My burn is in the same area and on the top of my hand. I received deep 2nd degree burns complete with nerve damage. By any chance, did you microwave the honey? I did, the bear shrunk but it didn’t puncture. I let it cool on the counter for 2 minutes and it was so liquified, I knew I didn’t have to squeeze it, it would just pour out. As soon as I tipped it, it shot out with fire extinguisher force, back up my hand. I am still bandaged because it happened 5 days ago, but when people ask what happened, I microwaved honey doesn’t go over to well. Do you still have a scar? And was that the most painful burn you’ve ever gotten?



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