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Online Auction for The Welkleys 3/31

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Now that I’m done with my own fundraising for fertility treatments, the tables have turned and I’m helping the very friend that started and managed our Gofundme page!  I’ll be doing an online auction this time, similar to the bake sale I did for Suzie, but this time taking donations of any items, not just food. Click here to view, like, and share the auction page!


Holly & I met as a result of our shared experiences with infertility and were in a due date buddies group in an online forum – her son and mine were born within a couple months of each other. We have been buds ever since and although we’ve never met, I love her and her son dearly, and am greatly blessed to count her as a good friend. She worked so hard to help us raise the money we needed to try and give Joshua a sibling and I’m dedicated to helping her family meet their own fundraising goal!


It is hard to understand just how difficult the struggle with infertility can be unless you’ve personally been through it.  Imagine a hope that renews every single month, only to be crushed. Over and over again. Imagine praying and praying, and not knowing if being barren month after month is a “no” from God or a “not yet.” The not knowing is the hardest part.


The Welkley’s have been through a lot on their journey. They suffered the heartbreak of losing twins before they had their rainbow baby, Logan. Now they desparately wish to give him a sibling, something I understand so well, and they’ve done month after month of fertility treatments to no avail.  They have reached a place where, in order to proceed with the recommendation of their reproductive endocrinologist that gives them the best chance for conceiving, they will need to raise a little money to afford IVF.  They have most of the cost covered but need to raise another $2,400 to completely cover it. They are doing some fundraisers on their own and I’m hoping that I can help with up to half of their goal with this online auction, to be held March 31st.


This will be just like before, where people donate baked goods/auction items by sending me a photo and shipping the item after it has been paid for by the high bidder post-auction. I will be doing this one on Facebook, so you will need to have an account in order to participate. This time you will bid in a comment beneath the photo of the item(s) you would like, and you can see the auction album here to get a sneak preview (there are more items to come, be sure to “like” the auction page to get updates!). When another comments with a higher bid, you decide whether to comment again with a higher bid. Most items have a starting bid of $15.

I plan to do another update on the auction before it starts, and, if you can believe it after all this time, I also have a killer cake recipe to share this week! *gasp* Stay tuned, it’s going to be so fun guys!

If you wish to make a direct donation to the Welkleys, you can donate here.


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  1. What a blessing.



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