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Please note that some links will take you to my weight loss blog, which I no longer update.

Beginner’s Belly Dancing with Veronica and Family
Birthday Cake Reviews
Dennis’ Birthday Cake-tastrophy
Dennis Competes in King of the Blues
How To Dip Cake Pops
How to Make a Layer Cake, part 1
How to Make a Layer Cake, part 2: levelling
How to Make a Layer Cake, part 3: stacking & frosting
How to Make a Layer Cake, part 4: decorating
How to Make Caramel Sauce
How to Make Mayonnaise in One Minute
How to Make a Pita Tortilla
Icing Eruptions
Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers
Kung Rock Voo-Doo
Making Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie
Meet Baby, my dilapidated car
Momma’s Home!
My State Fair Ribbons Acceptance Speech
Our Kanopolis Lake Vacation
Our Happy Ending
Quacking up with the Millers
Some Shania With Attitude
The Happy Cake Maker
The Water Trick for Perfectly Smooth Frosting
Veronica Does Tae Bo
Veronica Sings Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera
Veronica, Sol Naciente (a song written for me by Dennis, accompanied by a slideshow)
Videos from our Woodlands, TX Vacation
Working with Pie Dough

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