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Joshua at 6 weeks: Great-Grandpa’s Little Doppelganger

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On Wednesday, my parents came over and I showed them this picture I had of Grandpa Millner (yes, my Mom’s maiden name is Millner and I married a Miller – freaky!) as a baby in 1930 and they both agreed that Joshua bore a remarkable resemblance to his Great-Grandpa.  I couldn’t find the perfect picture to show how similar they are because it’s more something you can see in person so just watch the videos (esp the last one) I included at the end to get the full effect  :)

Joshua, 6 weeks 4 days old

I looked at the back and it said he was 6 weeks, 4 days old when it was taken, which is exactly how old Joshua was that day I showed them the photo. Kinda creepy/cool!  Also very bittersweet that Grandpa passed almost exactly a month before his little doppelganger was conceived, but also cool that because of his passing, he helped Joshua come to be (check out this post for the explanation if you missed it).

Joshua and Daddy 12/30/13

Joshua is growing up so fast already! He’s graduated to size 1 diapers, which are for babies 10-14 lbs. I’m guessing he’s about 10 pounds right now.  He can lift his head and his legs at the same time while on his tummy (need to catch this on video!) doing a sort of “plank” lol. He no longer cries while getting his diaper changed, and can even endure a few minutes of bath time before he starts crying. I love this!

Joshua 1/4/14

He’s so cute during diaper changes – he seems so happy and he grunts/snorts the whole time because he knows he’s going to be fed afterward and he makes little piggy sounds.  Need to catch this on video too, but for now, here’s the videos I do have. :)

Joshua 1/5/14

Joshua and Mommy 1/5/14

Oh my gosh, I just ran across this photo of my Dad holding me as a baby in another blog post, and now I finally see myself in Joshua! I’ve never really thought he looked like me until now. He looks so much like me in this pic! :)

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I have a kitchen addiction and love to collect & share recipes. My passion is baking but I love to cook as well. The only thing I don't like to do in the kitchen is wash dishes, but my husband generally does them for me in exchange for his dinner.

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  1. I love your pictures and videos of Joshua. It’s nice that you can see a resemblance to a lot of people in your child.

  2. Oh my word Veronica! Joshua has become a ‘Little Man’ so quickly! I know you must be wondering how in the world that’s happened so fast huh? He’s so perfect…bright-eyed, contented….handsome. Mothering fits you well. Thanks so much for letting us take a peek into seeing the ‘real’ Joshua with the videos. I watched them all and smiled from side to side while I did. How very exciting to see the resemblances in him to you and your special grandpa. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been missing you Girlfriend, but wouldn’t want to take away from your mothering time for a second. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your pic and videos of you little one. They are blessing to us.

  4. He’s beautiful! I can see the resemblance and yes, he does look like you especially in the Joshua 1/5/14 pic.

  5. He is getting so big! =)
    The photos and videos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of them!

    It’s supposed to warm up in our city….yea!


  7. So precious Veronica! You look so happy, I love seeing you with your sweet little fellow! Those first 2 photos are unbelievably identical!

  8. Yep, I do believe your Grandpa was involved you getting pregnant not too long after he died – he knew what a great Momma you’d be!! I love all the videos – my Mom just had all my VHS tapes of Hannah put on DVDs – I watch the tape where Hannah was born every year on her birthday – on her 20th birthday the VHS almost broke in the VCR so I didn’t have the heart to watch it on her 21st birthday! Now I can watch them whenever.

    I hope to put some of those videos on my blog soon!

  9. Oh, V! He’s so handsome!! He has the most stunning eyes too…I totally see the resemblance. The Millner/Millers have solid genes!! =)

  10. So sweet. So fun for you!

  11. Oh he is a sweet, sweet baby! He does resemble you and Grandpa. Being a mom is just the best thing ever!

  12. Your smile and little one made me smile :)

  13. I love looking through old family pictures. Of course you see resemblances in both your great grandpa and yourself. Joshua is beautiful! :)

  14. awww, so cute! i can definitely see the family resemblance of joshua to you and your grandpa. so fun!

  15. oh my, the resemblance is pronounced! What a cutie your little angel is!

  16. He is just THE CUTEST. And it really is crazy how much he looks like your great-grandfather!

  17. I’m late on my well-wishing, but congrats on the birth of little Joshua! He is very sweet :-)

  18. I love his lil noises!! Just read the post about the pineapple and your grandpa… I know he’s looking down on you so proud of the job you’re doing!!!


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