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Thankful Thursday #94: dreams

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I love dreams.  I’m not talking about the kind you have while awake, thinking of how great you can make your future (although those are even better), but the ones you have while sleeping.  Some people like to look deeper into them for the meaning, but if they had my dreams, I think they wouldn’t bother.  My dreams are the stuff craziness is made of, and I love it.

Last night I dreamed that both my sisters and all our men (OK, two of the men were ex’s of my sisters’ but they are still family to me) were gathered together in my parents’ living room with my nephew, who had a bottle sticking out of his stomach.  He had been kidnapped and the evil kidnapper had cut open his stomach and forced a bottle into it before returning him.  I know that sounds terrible, but in my dream it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  There was no blood and Owen was not traumatized or in pain.  He was just kinda, “Huh.  There’s a bottle sticking out of my belly.  Crazy.”  I wanted to pull it out but we decided it would be best to let it come out naturally because removing it forcibly might harm his insides.  ???

Danielle puts a cold cloth to Owen’s cheek after he burned it with a punk on July 4th.

Apparently we were all gathered together to face off against this unknown evil force that in my dream wasn’t just out to harm Owen, but our whole family.  We had been doing battle all day and were covered with dirt and smears of blood, but I don’t remember the details of that part of the dream.  There was a guy who would call me to tell me what to do next and he told us to go to the field so we ran next door and in the back of the neighbor’s house there was a huge field in place of what is usually the backs of other houses.  There was a woman riding her dirt bike out in the field with a man watching her, standing in the field as she did circles around him.

The man on the phone told me to “Stand in front of 11-4.”  He spoke in a lot of code that I could never understand.  I thought he meant 7-11 and I ran to the front of the house, thinking he wanted me to go to the convenience store on the corner.  He yelled at me to go back and I asked if he meant 12-4 because that’s Lacey’s birthday.  He quickly told me he messed up and meant to say 12-15 so I stood in front of Danielle because that’s her birthday.

Danielle does not appreciate.

As soon as I took my place, the woman on the dirt bike opened fire on us with a machine gun and we were all shot except for Danielle, who was covered by me.  The guy in the field hopped on the bike and they took off together, and our bedraggled group stumbled off towards home again.  Though we were all shot, none of us really were acting like it and we weren’t bleeding and I didn’t feel any pain but I felt like I was going to faint and I fell.  I knew I had 3-4 bullets in my stomach but I didn’t want to look.  And that’s when I woke up.

I'd take a bullet for you

Yup, I’m totally thankful for that crazy dream.  It was so much fun!  And I have to say it’s the first dream I’ve had where I’ve ever been shot.  So cool.  I have to say the best part about having crazy dreams is sharing them with the people who were in them, especially my sisters, because it makes them laugh.  Though I don’t think I’ll tell my co-worker (or his wife) I dreamt he randomly kissed a cute girl at work-lol.

Have you had any crazy dreams lately?  Do you enjoy your dreams or do you have bad ones?  Even though most of mine have terrible things happen in them, they usually don’t feel bad, just really entertaining and amusing.  Thankfully I’ve never had what I’d qualify as a nightmare before and hope I never do!

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  1. That’s such a crazy dream!! I sleep like the dead, and very rarely remember any dream at all. I fall asleep within minutes and don’t normally move until my alarm goes off. Or my husband steals my pillow in his sleep, which happens almost on a nightly basis!

  2. I have been having the wackiest dreams lately too, maybe it is the weather or something?! I just had one about aliens invading and we all had to pack up our stuff into these big shipping containers. We were leaving Earth so the aliens could bring the environment back. I also had a weird dream that a friend of mine had a party and Mick Jagger was there and she wanted all of us to try and help her convince him to make out with her. WACKY! Thanks for sharing your dream, glad to know I am not the only one with crazy dreams.

  3. what a crazy dream. i do have dreams, and read somewhere that the people who never dream (or never even remember bits & pieces, or even that they had a dream) are more likely to be serial killers and/or have severe psychological problems. so even though i can’t remember most in the same detail you shared here, i’m glad i dream :)

    • What a crazy stastic! I don’t remember them hardly ever any more but I know I do dream rather frequently. Usually if I don’t tell someone about it soon after waking, I’ll forget it by the end of the day but this one was so vivid that most details stuck with me until I wrote it down.

  4. I don’t have dreams, mainly nightmares…yuck! Do you remember the one that John was killing “bad” people and I found out and he cut Haley’s legs off? That was a horrible one. They’re so vivid and real too. I was laughing about the bottle in Owen’s stomach…how strange the Rhonda with the Mick Jagger dream….ha ha! I wish I had funny dreams, so I could laugh too ;)

    • Yes, that’s awful. :( I did have a bad one and I’m sure I’ve had more and just don’t remember but it’s not normal. I dreamed my Dad committed a bunch of crimes and we had to watch the police tie him up in our bathtub and set him on fire. He was alive and screaming for a really long time, it was awful. But even that didn’t make me terrified, it was just a sad feeling. I guess my dreams don’t affect me the same way as yours do. I remember asking you about vitamins way back when. I will ask Dennis again what vitamin helps with nightmares but do you remember ever trying anything that helped?

  5. thebetterbaker11

    You are SUCH a funny woman! Thanks for sharing your crazy dream with us and being bold enough to do that. =)

  6. One thing I regret not doing while i was unemployed was working on lucid dreaming. It would have been THE time to do it because I didn’t have to have a regular sleeping hours. oh well.

    • I thought you were done with that, Man of 1,000 interests! LOL! yup, you lost that opportunity. It also would have been THE time to make a baby since we had plenty of opportunity but at least we did give that our best shot-lol. Jeez, I miss you!

  7. I have crazy dreams and a few nightmares. The most recent I woke up biting my own hand trying to fight off a bad guy. I was yelling you SOB and had bitten my own hand quite hard. Usually the dreams are more like sitcoms – I have full conversations with my husband where he’s awake and I’m asleep and dreaming.

  8. This is as crazy as my dinosaur dream…perhaps the cooler temperatures are to blame, lol. I hope you have a great weekend, Veronica!

  9. I think you can make a movie out of that dream, or a novel, that’s probably what authors do. Been catching up on your posts, wow your wedding cake was amazing. i made one once, that was enough stress for me!

    • I did that once, writing a story from a dream, I think you’re right, dreams have a lot of potential b/c they’re so creative. The trick is to make them real enough to be believable! lol. Thank you for the compliment, and it truly is a labor of love! Always a lot of stress.

  10. I used to think I had some crazy dreams, but whoa! You had a doozy!

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